6 Handy Decluttering Hacks You Should Try


Clutter can make a person narrow-minded, distracted and always annoyed because you are constantly worried that you may lose something important in all the mess. However, there are a lot of health benefits for being organized and ordered. But if you are not sure as to how you can declutter and arrange your home or any other place then read on!

1. Throw Away Things Which You Didn’t Use for More Than 6 Months

This is the best lesson my mom taught me that if you didn’t use a certain thing for 6 months, it means that you probably won’t use it for the rest of your life because it can do without that thing for 6 months then you can do without for the rest of your life, and this is true. You should either donate it, throw it away or hire a trash removal in Austin service to clear some space.

2. Use an Old Ladder for Your Towels

This idea may seem strange to you but if you repaint and decorate your old ladders a bit, you can easily use them as a towel rack and a stylish towel rack too! This will help you in cleaning up some space from shelves and you can utilize it for something else.

3. Use Cereal Boxes as Drawer Divider

Cereal boxes are durable and can easily be used inside drawers to separate things. You can cut them according to the length of your drawer and then store different stationaries in it, undergarments, socks, hairpins, bands, jewelry, etc.  This way you will always have a tidy and organized drawer.

4. Use Pool Noodle or Velcro to Hold Together the Cords of Appliances

If you have a table with a mini fan, PC, lamps, speakers, UPS, charger, etc. and all there wires clutter and mix then you can use a foot-long piece of a small pool noodles to put them in order or you can use Velcro to hold them together. Cut the pool noodle vertically and put all the wires inside in straight line and put that under or behind the table to make it undetectable. Or hold all the wires together and put inside a Velcro and tie it tightly to tidy the place.

5. Use a Pegboard to Organize Tools

You can clean your garage or any other storage space by hanging the tools on the wall. It will both look nice and tidy up your place. You just have to put up a pegboard and hang tools on it with a nail.

6. Use Rain Gutters as Shoe/Book Rack

Apart from taking care of rain; rain gutters (new ones) can be used to organize books or shoes simply by putting them on the wall and painting them in your fav color. They’re durable and will look good on your wall.


You can’t declutter or organize your place in one day; it will take some time but eventually, your home will start to look like home again and you will also see a huge change in your life. If you are worried about trash removal in Austin, hire Austin trash removal services. Take baby steps and tidy up your house to have a healthier life.