Tips to Know Before You Buy a Used Snowboard


If you’re looking for saving some money from buying a snowboard, you can consider getting the used one. Buying anything like used snowboard bindings is a great deal to do. But, you should ensure that the item is not repairable and has no signs of damage.

Also, it’s essential to check out there are no cracks in the sidewall. When a board comes with cracks in its sidewalls, it’ll make a big impact over the whole performance. And you’ll find it very tough to repair when they’ll be weaker.

Also, don’t forget to check while buying used snowboard gear that there is no space between the edge and sidewall or between the top-sheet and the sidewall. Overall, ensure that the board is free of gaps to enter the water and soak the board’s core. Thus, there are some more things to check that are below: 

Core Damage

Finding out the core damage is a tricky thing. Get a closer look at the desired board in a well-lighted environment and identify any large cracks or lumps. Especially look more thoroughly the outside of the board’s bindings on their tail and nose.

The core may crackdown due to unexpected crashes that can impact largely on its performance. The simplest way to find out these issues is by looking at the board from an angle using a bright light. Also, try to feel the inconsistencies and you can use your hand to touch the top-sheet.

Cracked Edges

When you go for buying a board that has employed for jibbing or a park-type board, get a good view at its edges. Look for if there are vertical cracks, particularly in the center of the snowboard. It’s because it’s the part where it will get the highest impact while railing. If you find that the cracks have risen, you should look for another board.

Besides, you can find cracks but you can’t feel them on touching, it can be a good point to get it at a cheaper price. Don’t forget one more thing that if there are vertical cracks, they’ll be weaker and you’ll not be able to use them for along time. So, always try to avoid buying a snowboard if it has cracks.

Repairable Damages

In many cases, a split top-sheet can be a type of cosmetic damage. You can fix the issue by repairing at home or in some ski repairing shops. Also, it’s easy to fix some other sorts of issues like core shots and scratches.

That’s why these issues are nothing to worry about as they’re easy to fix. It will not cut the ways throughout the bottom layer if you might be feeling a scratch without changing color. As the ptext has scraped off the core, it’s a type of core shot.


If the board comes with some normal scratches, you can repair them with ptex when it’s not going through the core. But, if you think it as a large scratch that has gone to the wood, you can consider repairing it using the metal grip.