If you’re out of tech touch for a long time you can be surprised learning it’s reasonable to live in the 3D printed homes these days. This is a great solution while looking for decent and affordable housing. The method comes to use when the world is facing the issue of inexpensive housing. It’s simply a great way to meet the need of homes where there aren’t enough alternatives. So, this is the time you can use printed homes instead of making an old-fashioned house. It also good to modernize some points are using to build a house with the age-old technique. Let’s know the benefits of 3D printed houses along with some other things.

What is 3D Printing?

This is the process of making a 3-dimensional solid thing from its digital stage. It’s not easy to understand in short description as it’s a huge matter. In short, the process of 3D printing is performed by the additive. And the process gets complete after making some essential layers of materials. You’ll find all layers are sliced thinly with the cross-section of the final object. If you use this process you can get complex shapes by using less material than the common production methods. Also, you need a 3D printer to complete the process. Hopefully, you’ve got a good idea about 3D printing. Well, let’s know some benefits of using 3D printed houses below:


As the process needs lower material costs and labor, it significantly cut down your home construction costs. If you need a single-story house of 600-800 square foot, you just need to spend about $4000. This is just like the houses were made in El Salvador by New Story. The job was done by a non-profit organization, which was based in Silicon Valley.

Build Faster

In the traditional methods, a house needs a few months to complete the processes. But, you’ll get rid of this issue if you use 3D printing method to build a house. For example, a Chinese company has made 10 full-fledged homes using this process. With the simple designs and layout, they were able to build the houses within a few days. So, you must not be surprised if you see your neighbor’s home is changing overnight.


You should not think the quality is sacrificed by building the houses faster. When a 3D printing work goes on it go through special software. It leads directly to execute by the printer the whole time when building the 3D printed house. As the entire process is fully computerized, there is no chance to happen a mistake. So, you’ll get the stronger parts of your house as you command to the printer.

Final Thoughts

The technology of 3D printed homes is somehow recent and it needs to make more popular. And of course, it could be a great way to meet the need for housing in poor people. For example, slum people can get the issue of housing in many countries. We hope and believe the process of making home will be more ease of use and resolve the housing problems.