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Why Is Online Shopping So Popular?

by Althea Kling
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One recent study shows that 80% of shoppers compare prices online before making a purchase and people are 25% more likely to buy online if using a product comparison website. Why is that? This is because online shopping can actually save you money.

With things like online savings codes, deals of the day, no-taxes-charged, and free shipping offer the online shopping market is a haven for shoppers who are on the lookout to find the best price. The following will be a few reasons as to why price comparison and online shopping is so popular.

Cheaper Operational Cost

The cost of running a brick and mortar store is usually higher. They pay rent, utility bills, and other expenses. An online shop does not have any of this cost which may result in less operational cost so they may be able to offer products at a cheaper rate. This is why you can find that online prices are sometimes cheaper than physical shop prices. The online shops use the savings on the operational cost to cut down on the product price to satisfy customer demands.

Online Shopping Advantages

One of the best things about shopping online is that people can get stuff from previous seasons without paying a premium. Online retailers can store them in warehouses rather than shops which lets them save up on their end which can facilitate a deduction on the price on the customer’s end. This practice is beneficial for both the sellers and the consumer as a whole.

Communication is another key factor in people preferring online shopping. Online shops hire professionals to handle the queries and complaints of customers. Something most traditional shops don’t. This allows the customer to have a dialogue with the sellers which in turns creates trust value. This is why shoppers return to the online shops as they can have more information and privileges from the company.

Price comparison might be the biggest factor in why online shopping is so popular. Customers can go to product price comparison sites which lets them compare prices and deals across multiple listings and even platforms. This means the customer has a chance to find the most competitive prices for the products. They can also compare the different variations of a product to make an informed purchase.

Special Offers Discounts and Other Money Saving Options

The online shops also offer regular promotional offers with the holidays, like the brick and mortar shops. Black Friday sales, winter sales you name it. They provide the usual discounts along with these special occasions to hook the customer in.

Many online shops offer to waive the sales tax and even offer free shipping options to facilitate the customer experience. Reputable shops have toll-free numbers where the customers can call in to talk with an agent for either payment or for general queries.

Customers nowadays are becoming direct. This means that they want the simple ways of “This is our product. This is how much it costs and these are its advantages”. This model was adopted by the price comparison websites to help customers find the best price.

Many shops have browser plugins to show you the best deals for a specific search you made, this makes it much easier for the customer. Now you don’t have to search shop from shop to compare and search for the best price.

So you see these reasons you are why customers prefer shopping online. They have more rights and can find more satisfaction shopping. The rise in online shopping is because of these reasons.

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