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If you are reading this, you must be interested in writing content for our platform. But before you send your content to this email admin@thevocalpoint.com, you need to have a clear understanding about our platform and the guidelines that you have to follow in order to get the articles approved.

The primary objective of our community is to offer valuable content for all our readers. We are looking forward to transform the lives of our readers through content offered by our platform. Hence, you need to keep it in your mind when you are writing content. All your work will be published in our website, if they are in accordance to our guidelines. Hence, you will be able to make your content visible to thousands of readers as well.

If you want to get your articles published on our platform, it is important for you to go through the following guidelines. You are strictly encouraged to follow those guidelines. Failing to do it will not publish your content within the platform.

The recommended article length to be published in our platform is between 800 words to 1000 words. All your topics must be related to the topics that we have asked you to write. We accept articles from any of the following topics. Therefore, you need to make sure that the articles you submit are in accordance with the below-mentioned topics.

  • Business
  • Career
  • Current Affairs
  • Fashion
  • Finance & Investment
  • Health
  • Life Style
  • Lifehack
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Reviews
  • Technology
  • Travel

Based on the above-mentioned topics, you are encouraged to come up with valuable content. All people who read your articles should have the ability to get something out of the words written by your at the end of the day.

When you are writing articles for us, you need to be careful about the tone of voice as well. You need to be careful to have a confident, energetic and a positive tone of voice, while focusing more on solutions. Then readers will be able to take away something from the article written by you.

The article written by you should have a clear formatting as well. You need to use headings, subheadings and paragraphs appropriately within the articles you write. People who read the articles should get the interest to go through the content. Then you will be able to deliver a clear takeaway for all your readers. Such articles have a higher chance of getting accepted in our platform as well.

Most importantly, all the articles that you write should be 100% unique and original. We check for duplicate content in our platform using plagiarism software. Hence, you are not encouraged to have any plagiarism within your article. If you get caught copying content, we will not publish your articles on the platform.

By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you will be able to come up with appropriate content to be published in our platform. Then we will help you to get your word across through our powerful platform as well.

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