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5 Fascinating Facts About Christian Mingle

by Althea Kling
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Quick question, what on Earth is Christian Mingle? If you are familiar with the online dating world, you surely know by now that Christian Mingle is a dating website where people pay to find their “the one” online. To be precise, it’s a dating platform for Christian singles seeking love, friendships, marriage, etc. All the positive Christian Mingle reviews suggest that it is one of the best sites in the dating world.

Today, we will be shedding some light upon some of the interesting Christian Mingle facts with our readers. For the site’s fans, we have saved the most exciting fact for the last, so make sure you read the entire article.

1. It’s Free to Join

While numerous online dating platforms require you to pay even a minimal amount, Christian Mingle doesn’t charge a dime to sign up! The free version lets you browse through your matches for an unlimited period of time. One drawback, however, is that you need a premium membership to read and send messages. Sucks right? Once you upgrade your membership plan, you would be able to send DMs and join chat rooms as many as you can.

Christian Mingle charges $44.99 per month and $34.99 per month for three months; however, if you purchase a six-month plan, you get the cheapest deal of $24.99/month. The feature of paid versions includes reading and sending messages, chatting of groups, access photos, etc. You can also find out who liked your profile with your paid subscription.

2. Success Stories Are Huge

Christian Mingle dating site’s reviews show how successful the site is in terms of matchmaking. Some couples testify that the matchmaking site has brought them together. Many of them are now either married or in a long-term relationship. Based on a report, 29% of people who married their online sweethearts met on Christian Mingle. Over 80% of Christian Mingle members would recommend its service to a friend. Another report showed that those you register on Christian Mingle have a higher chance of meeting and marrying someone compared to other websites.

3. More Than 1 Million People Visit Christian Mingle Every Month

The site’s status shows that more than 2.4 million people visit Christian Mingle every month, boasting over 10 million members into the community. Every month, more than 1 million singles look up to Christian Mingle for finding suitable matches. The search tool accurately searches for potential partners; hence the site is loved by the majority of people.

4. A Romantic Movie Was Inspired by It

First of all, cheers to you for sticking to the end of the article. As promised, I’m presenting you with the juiciest fact amongst all the others. Yes, you read that, right! Lacey Chambert starring “Christian Mingle” was based on the website; hence it got the same name. The story follows with a woman named Gwyneth Hayden. She is an avid follower of Christian belief who tries to impress her love interest, Paul, by being more fundamentalist than she already was. Like the website, the movie also garnered praises and was showered with lots of love.


You didn’t see the last fact coming, don’t you? An entire movie based on a dating website is already an achievement because no other dating websites have received such a privilege of making it big into Hollywood. So that’s all, folks! Let us know which of these facts has impressed you.

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