5 Tips to Perfectly Place Your Air Purifier

5 Tips to Perfectly Place Your Air Purifier
5 Tips to Perfectly Place Your Air Purifier

If you’re searching for something to help you breathe better, an air purifier is an excellent addition to your house. Unfortunately, most don’t know how to make the most of it! They tuck it beneath their sofa or into a faraway corner, believing it will still work. 

That’s why I’ve put together this brief guide to help you choose the optimal location for your Wi-Fi-enabled air purifier.

#1. Place the air purifier near the source of the odor.

It’s obvious! If your dog’s bed is making your living room smell, you should place it next to their pad! Maybe you have a dedicated smoking area inside? If you put your air purifier in there, it will be considerably more effective.

The closer it is to the root of the problem, the faster your air purifier can address the issue. Consider your air purifier to be a police station, with scents as the bad guys. The nearer it is, there is more chance of being safe! 

#2. Consider the coverage area.

Remember to consider the coverage area of your air purifier when determining where to put it! It’s probably not a smart idea to put your air purifier in a vast basement if it can only cleanse 100 square feet. Also, don’t put your air purifier in your bedroom if it has a coverage area of 1100 square feet!

To get the most out of it, consider placing it someplace with a greater room. This table will help you:

Coverage Area – PurifierRoom Area (sq. Ft.)Good or Bad?

#3. Don’t put it in the corners. 

Avoid placing the air purifier in a corner or behind your sofa or television. The air purifier must be placed in a well-ventilated environment. I’m not recommending that you make your air purifier the focal point of your living area! (Well, it’ll help!) Just make sure there’s at least a foot of room on the front, rear, sides, and top of the air purifier! 

#4. Put it to work as a security guard.

You may use your air purifier as a security guard or gatekeeper! By placing your air purifier near a doorway into another room, any dangerous or irritating particles will be filtered out before they enter the room!

If you have an allergy to your cat, keeping an air purifier at the entry to your bedroom will keep the cat’s fur, dander, and smells out! All you have to do now is make sure the front is towards the direction in which your bedroom is located. 

#5. Keep it away from small electronics. 

Air purifiers are often classed as “small electronics,” however, they don’t get along with other gadgets very well. I mean that air purifiers, like other small devices, function on wavelengths. These devices may sometimes share the same wavelength. 

It is possible to produce interference for both the interfering electronics and your air purifier by placing it near other gadgets on the same wavelength! Avoid putting your Wi-Fi-enabled air purifier near televisions, microwaves, and stereos.

That concludes this guide. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a wonderful day!