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Best ways to Clean Cloth Seats of Your Car Right Away

by Althea Kling
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Most people think that cleaning the cloth seats of the car is very difficult. Yes, it will be tough if you do not know how to clean the cloth seats. Well, everyone loves to sit on neat and clean car seats. Indeed, dirty car seats can make you feel uncomfortable.

Nowadays people are very conscious about cleanliness, and they want to keep their cars also clean. And we get many questions about that how to clean the cloth seat cover perfectly.

That is why we have to go through deed research and find out the best possible ways to clean the cloth car seats. So, before you look for BMW 5 Series accessories, let’s read on the below discussion till the end to get a car cleaning tour.

Vacuum the Car Seats

First and foremost, you need one vacuum cleaner if your car has cloth seats. Mainly, without a vacuum cleaner, it will be pretty tough to clean the seats. We all know that the cloth seats are not washable.

And we also know that the car seats are the things that get dirty so often. So, to keep the cloth seats of your car clean, you have to buy one vacuum cleaner.

No, let’s go to the cleaning process. Firstly, you have to vacuum the car seats. Sometimes people make common mistakes. When they use all season floor mats, they forget or ignore to clean their floor mats. So, after you vacuum the seats, you have to clean the floor as well.  

Vacuum All the Crevices

Once you vacuum all the things in your car’s interior, you have to check the crevices carefully. You can remove the dust from the seats very quickly with the vacuum, but still, the crevices may unclean.

That is why you have to reapply, vacuum, and clean all the crevices. Mostly, you will get a better result if you use the small and thin nozzle of the vacuum to clean the crevices perfectly.

Remove the Troublesome Stains

Now we will tell you that how you will remove the tough stains from the cloth seats. Firstly, we want to tell you that you have to be more careful when removing the stains. Here, it will be better to use fabric cleaner. You have to apply a little cleaner to the spot and wait for one minute.

In this one minute, you have to rub on the stains and remove the wet things as soon as possible. For the tough or big stain, you have to repeat the same process. Lastly, we will suggest that you leave the cleanser before spreading it on the seats.

Put Upholstery Cleaner on the Seats

Well, for the tough stain, you can use the upholstery detergent on the seats. If you go with this method, you have to keep in mind that you cannot use more cleansers. Mostly, you have to complete the cleaning process very quickly.

Vacuum the Seats Again

Once you remove all the dust and stain, then it is time to vacuum the seats again. This last vacuum touch will help to remove any extra dust and dry the wet part first. Lastly, we hope that you will get neat and clean cloth car seats forever if you follow all the steps perfectly.  

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