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How to Develop a Successful Patient Safety Program?

by Althea Kling
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Patient safety is the most vital term for both medical/clinic business or individual practice as doctor/any other healthcare professional. Here in this article, let’s learn how to develop a successful patient safety program.

1. Set Goals

The first step to develop a successful patient safety program is to set the goals. If you don’t know what you are up to and are the goals for establishing this program then it would fail miserably. Which is why you should identify the core issues or things that require attention and improvement. There are six goals for a quality and successful health and safety program for patients including;

  • Patient’s safety
  • Patient-centered
  • Effective
  • Timely
  • Equitable
  • Efficient

If you have these aims and goals for the safety program then it would definitely be a successful one.

2. Come Up With an Effective Team


The best is the one whose members are from different fields and backgrounds so that there are variously skilled people with different experience levels. Such a team is an effective and a balanced team and should comprise of seniors to guide, advice and oversight the team, a project manager to complete tasks every day on time and a clinic expert who provides guidance and helps in clinical decisions. Coming up with a balanced and effective team is another key step in the process of improvement. Also, using efficient system like DICOM cloud storage is also recommended.

3. Explain the Safety Policies to All Employees

It is the responsibility of the employers to explain each and every safety rule and policy of the organization to all the employees and also make sure that they get everything clearly in their minds. Furthermore, if there are new employees in the organization then they should also be explained the rules and policies and every employee should be updated about the new policies or changes made in any policy.

4. Make a Plan

Nothing goes successful if not planned properly. So, make a plan that can be executed easily to achieve your goals effectively and timely. The plan should include particular measures that are required for the improvement and the protocols for accomplishing them. Also, you should have an organized team and system in order to keep a track on all the data. Working as a team and executing a proper plan would make the program go a lot smoothly and easily.

5. Make Hand Hygiene Compulsory


In every hospital or healthcare center, there are patients with different diseases and different bacteria and germs which can spread from one patient to another if the staff who check those patients don’t take proper precautionary steps.

This is why it is extremely essential for staff members to maintain their hand hygiene. By doing so, the risk or probability of spreading germs from one patient to the other is reduced. This is a major step that should be made part of every hospital and healthcare center to ensure the safety of their patients’ health. Keep a hand-sanitizer (alcohol-based preferred) all around the hospital so that everyone can use them and protect each other’s health.

6. Keep the Data Saved On DICOM Cloud Storage


Centralized electronic records like DICOM cloud storage with online DICOM viewer are essential. Through DICOM cloud storage, it becomes a lot easier to access to any patient’s lab report or medical record within no time and the chance of losing patient’s information is also reduced.

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