Short answer, there is no hard and fast rule. You may need to redesign your website in a week, one month, three months or even six months.

But there is a guideline of web design company services, which you can follow.

1. When You Feel Fed Up

If you are having second thoughts about your website, how do you expect other people to trust your website in the first place?

Top web design company recommends you to go with your guts.

2. Lack of Fresh Content:

Interesting things are always happening in the world and so it is a need to update news, pricings, descriptions and product information.

Your content might have been fresh 2 months ago but now, there is new innovation in town and you have to cover it on your website. Also, lack of fresh content enables search engine algorithms to push your website towards lower search engine rankings.

You can redesign your website by refreshing the content, along with minute graphic details.

3. Web Analytics Have Started to Disappoint

It is very easy to measure the progress of your website through web analytics. Web analytics are online tools, which tell real time progress of a website in terms of clicking rate, visitor demography and keyword density etc.

If you have an outdated website, chances are your analytics will start to disappoint you. If you don’t redesign your website fast enough, you will permanently start losing customers are people start getting fed up with the website.

4. Not Having Control Over Your Website

Certain web design agencies do not follow standard coding practices. Although temporarily get the job done, but if you want to make certain changes in your website in the future, it is a hassle to access your backend development log.

If you feel you have no control over your website, it is time to contact a good website design services New York which will retransform the flaws of your website and deliver a quality finished product.

5. Your Website Is Not Trendy

Trends are what keeps the general audience interested in the internet and they change after sometime. Trends are also involved with responsiveness, speed, layout designing and following of certain designing practices. These practices (coding and aesthetic) improve SEO ranking, speed, performance and customer satisfaction rates.

Throughout the history of web development, majority of top spots have been covered by such business websites which took trends in account of their website development. When a website is trendy, web analytics also display positive stats and your business experiences a higher ROI.

6. Negative Feedback

If you start receiving negative feedback through your website and social media changes, know that the general public is not happy with your design practice.

You need to apply appropriate web redesigning strategies ASAP otherwise your customers may start leaving you for good. It’s recommended to consult with a digital marketing professional to get better understanding about these.

Color schemes, responsiveness, 404 errors – know what the public desires. If you are unsure about applying certain changes regarding web redesigning, help can be taken in the form of surveys and questionnaires.