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Keep Your Mirrors Intact During Your Move with These Expert Tips

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When moving, fragile items like mirrors can be a pain to pack and transport safely. Cracks and breaks are no fun.

When moving, fragile items like mirrors can be a pain to pack and transport safely. Cracks and breaks are no fun. Follow these pro tips to keep your mirrors secure so you can admire your reflection in your new home.

Moving heavy or awkwardly shaped items like mirrors takes strategic packing. Rushing the process often leads to damage.

Take your time and pack mirrors properly to avoid bad luck from broken glass. Follow the tips below for success or connect with the moving companies within Canada.

Bubble Wrap is Your Best Friend

  • Start by purchasing high-quality bubble wrap. The tiny air pockets provide cushioning against shocks and jostles.
  • Cut sheets larger than your mirror so you can wrap the entire piece.
  • Apply bubble wrap to the face of the mirror first, sealing it thoroughly with tape. This protects the fragile reflective coating.
  • Next, wrap bubble wrap around the edges and backside. Use plenty of tape to secure.

Padding Mirror Corners Prevents Cracks

  • After bubble wrapping, pay special attention to cushioning the corners and edges. These angular protrusions concentrate force, making them prone to cracks.
  • Cut foam pipe insulation into donut shapes and place on each corner. Secure with tape or elastic bands. The soft rounded foam absorbs impacts.
  • For large or heavy frames, place crumpled newspaper or packing paper inside the frame rabbets. This shields the delicate mirror edges.

Box and Brace for Safety

  • Find a sturdy cardboard box several inches larger than the mirror on all sides.
  • Line the bottom with a 2-inch layer of foam, packing paper, or inflated packing pillows.
  • Set the wrapped mirror inside and center. Fill all around with more cushioning material so it cannot shift.
  • For heavy mirrors, create internal braces across the width and length. Use wood boards or rigid plastic. Packing paper wraps prevent scratches.
  • Tape box seams thoroughly for structural integrity and mark the box “Fragile – Glass – This Side Up”.

Hire Professional Movers for Large Mirrors

Moving heavy, awkward mirrors often requires two people and special equipment:

  • For extremely large mirrors like antique vanity mirrors, consult professional movers. They use special carts, straps, lifting tools, and trucks equipped with air-ride suspension.
  • Truck vibration is a common cause of broken mirrors in transit. Avoid doing it yourself without air-ride.
  • Let the pros handle your extra-large mirrors. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your precious pieces remain in good hands!

Inspect Upon Arrival

  • Before the movers leave, carefully unpack your mirror and thoroughly check for any cracks or chips around the frame or reflective area.
  • If any damage occurred in transit, document it immediately while the movers are present. Report concerns for insurance claims processing.
  • After confirming your mirror survived intact, repack it similarly for any additional upcoming transport to your new home location. Handle gently and keep upright!

So don’t despair about moving your beautiful mirrors! With the right materials and some strategic packing, you can transport these lovely but fragile decorative pieces safely.

Utilize these mirror packing tips before your moving day so you can admire your flawless reflection in your new house.

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