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New Phone Plans for Telstra Mobile for This Month

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As a fan of Telstra Mobile plans, you already know about the strong points and weakness of this carrier. So, when you’re a user of this provider, you’ll get an impressive coverage that worth steeper price. In fact, no one is near it if you’re living in a remote area in the country as it has the largest mobile coverage in Australia. Also, you’ll be able to make sweeten the deal next to your brand new handset when you’re in search of best inclusions like Apple Music subscriptions and Foxtel Now starter packs. Moreover, its iPhone plans and deals are usually the most convincing If you like to go with this provider. It’s because you’ll not find any other better value right now than with, for example, the iPhone XR.

What Are the Best New Phone Deals Right Now?

Before we start making this content, we have researched all of the Telstra plans, promos, and special deals that it offers. We’re going to discuss some of their top deals that are the best to go with various types of customers. Also, we’re here to help you to choose the amazingly well-balanced new plans along with a lot of data no matter if you’re after the most reasonable budget option. Well, so, let’s now what the new phone plans are coming from your favorite Telstra Mobile.

Telstra’s iPhone XR Plans

As it’s said that the first thing is first, so let’s know about the latest one, iPhone XR from the production house of Apple. It’s not only a great mobile handset; it also comes with some great and attractive plans that you’ll like it. For example, it has a plan that has the inclusions of 50 GB data with unlimited overseas call and text options. Also, when you’re with this mobile phone and using best mobile plans from Telstra, the best thing is that after finishing the allotted data you’ll not be charged for excess data use. And you’ll get the data-free offer of the sporting event for a whole host that all of these will cost $2616.

Best Budget Option

When we were making this review after scanning loads of deals, we found Google Pixel 3 is the best one so far. It’s because this mobile set comes with 64GB data storage and it also offers you 3GB free mobile data every month. And these all you’ll get just $79 per month subscription with some other great options to use more other features. For example, it has a free offer of data-free streaming of AFL, NRL, Netball and A-League that confidently make provided 3GB data stretch.

Best Big Data Plan

No matter which handset you select, Telstra has an unlimited data plan with a flat $199 every month where it shines with its plan truly. It means that you can choose the costliest handset like the latest one iPhone XS Max or the budget one that you have to pay a total $4,776 for this handset.

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