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Perfect Wine Gifts for Baby Shower Right Now

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This is entirely possible when you think of a baby shower gift. The initial thing comes to mind isn’t “wine.” However, it should be. Sure, she can’t start drinking in the shower, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t looking for the first glass of wine she’ll enjoy once her baby arrives.

Assist her get through the last few weeks of her pregnancy with a wine gift that reminds her of her ultimate goal—delivering the baby and enjoying a great glass of wine. Therefore, before you look for “wine bottle engraving near me,” let’s know more about it.

Wine “Cake”

Nappy “cakes” are popular at baby showers. They’re tiers of rolled-up diapers stacked on top of each other like a cupcake tower. Give the expecting mother a unique cake tower.

Instead of rolled-up diapers, use mini wine bottles to line the tiers. Get it a step further by making a fun label that says “Welcome Baby!” or “It’s a Girl!” or “It’s a Boy!” if you know the gender of the baby.

Bottles of Wine Honors Motherhood

The first expectant mothers have no idea what to expect when their precious bundle of joy arrives. They are well aware that the baby will experience a slew of “firsts” – first dirty diaper, first tooth, first solid foods, first words, and so on.

But what they don’t realize is that they’re in for a world of “firsts” as well, and they’ll want to celebrate those “firsts” with wine. Provide her the gift that allows her to do so.

Choose several custom engraved wine bottles of her favorite wine and then personalize the bottle labels to commemorate the “firsts” of motherhood and her survival. Here’s an example of what you could put on the labels.

Initiate everyone with the term “I lived on the” first-

  • Public Tantrum
  • Diaper Blowout
  • All night without Baby
  • Mommy Meltdown
  • Daddy & Mommy Date Night After Baby Comes

Wine Glasses

When you want to be thoughtful, get the expecting mother a set of engraved wine glasses. If you know the gender, you can engrave it with “It’s a Girl!” or “It’s a Boy!”

Also, you can be a little more creative and engrave one for the expecting mother that says “Mommy’s Juice” and another for the soon-to-be father that says “Daddy’s Juice.” All that remains is to teach the new baby to read so that she will respect the glasses.

Make Your Own Wine Glass

Diapers and onesies can be given as a shower gift by anyone. Give the expectant mother what she truly desires – any of these wonderful gifts related to the wine she can’t wait to enjoy once her baby is born.

The Bottom Line

Only because the leaves turn red in the fall doesn’t mean you have to switch to red wine. Don’t let late-nineteenth-century upper-class women mess with your wine today. Maintain your fortitude. Take a risk. On crisp fall evenings, try something new and go with a crisp white wine.

Your taste buds will thank you. It’ll make a big impression at banquets and gatherings. Therefore, personalize it with a custom engraving to make a truly memorable wine gift for those who entertain.

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