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Performing a Complete Local SEO Audit: The Ultimate Guide

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Hiring a local SEO consultant provides an instant boost, but optimizing your organic presence is an ongoing process.

The starting point for any local SEO strategy should be a detailed audit. This review exposes problems areas and opportunities for improvement.

Here is a step-by-step guide to performing a complete local SEO audit yourself.

Set Up Tracking

Before evaluating your performance, implement tracking to record key metrics. At a minimum, set up Google Analytics and Search Console.

Also, consider tools like Moz Local to monitor local listings. This establishes your baseline to improve against.

Review Your Website

Your site is the foundation of local optimization. Assess on-page elements including:

  • URLs and Titles: Do they contain location-specific keywords?
  • Content: Is local information prominent on key pages?
  • Schema Markup: Have schema like LocalBusiness been implemented?
  • Technical Factors: Is the site mobile-friendly and fast-loading?

Look for ways to optimize content for local intent and improve technical site health.

best local seo consultant agency
best local SEO consultant agency

Audit Local Listings

Listings establish visibility in critical local search results. Gather and evaluate listings on:

  • Google My Business
  • Apple Maps
  • Facebook
  • Industry-Specific Directories

Check for accuracy, consistency, photos, and completeness. Claim and enhance listings as needed.

Review Rankings and Traffic

Analyze Google Analytics and Search Console to understand:

  • Rankings for key local pack results and map listings
  • Clicks and Calls from local search to your site
  • Impressions to gauge visibility

Compare to competitors. Identify high-potential phrases to target.

Check Reviews

Reviews build local authority. Audit your profiles on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Look for:

  • Review volume and recency
  • Sentiment of existing reviews
  • Responses to positive and negative feedback

Address outreach for more reviews in areas of weakness.

Competitive Analysis

Research how competitors optimize their local presence across all of the above dimensions. Look for gaps where you can surpass their efforts through your audit.

Create an Action Plan

With audit findings in hand, distill down to an action plan for optimization. Assign owners and timelines based on impact.

Focus on fixes with the most local SEO value first.

Re-Audit Regularly

Local SEO is an ongoing endeavor. Revisit your audit every quarter to track progress and uncover new opportunities.

Performing regular local SEO audits pays dividends through higher-quality traffic and increased conversions from local searchers.

Use this comprehensive guide as your checklist to identify and address vulnerabilities. With an optimization mindset informed by audits, your local presence will improve continually over time.

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