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Some Great Web Apps to Be Staying Productive

by Althea Kling
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It’s not always simple to keep focused as a freelancer. Without a real supervisor hovering over your shoulder, you may find yourself on social media and watching YouTube videos five hours before the deadline.

Even when you’re performing your dream career, motivation might be difficult to come by. Luckily, you should not go it alone. Several online tools are available to help smooth out this process and make it easier to work regularly.

These browser-based tools might be a lifesaver for freelancers. So, before you look for an eCommerce Web Design Company, let’s take a look at the top productivity apps for freelancers.

StayFocusd & LeechBlock

Whether you use Chrome (StayFocused) or Firefox (LeechBlock), the idea is the same. Start blocking those sites that have renowned for wasting your time!

If you find yourself squandering hours on social media when you should be working, it’s time to put a stop to it. Both extensions are very adjustable, allowing you to block sites at specific times of the day. It’s after a particular amount of time spent on them, and so on.


Staying organized can sometimes provide the most significant boost to productivity. Trello lets you build “boards” for each of your projects, with individual cards included within them.

Each card may also have checklists, categories, and other little tools added to it. It’s intended for teams, but it’s also wonderful for keeping track of personal projects.


Nothing beats crossing off items on a checklist for many people. The multi-device software has all of the essentials of a checklist app and more.

We’ve got you covered, from reminders and scheduling to priorities and tags (turning emails into tasks). You may even collaborate on a checklist with your team.

Focus Booster

The Pomodoro approach is employed by Focus Booster to keep you focused but fresh, using mini-timers that allow you to work in sessions with periodic pauses in between.

If you have trouble staying concentrated over a long period, this strategy is ideal for you. Focus Booster may be downloaded, used on the web, or installed as a mobile app.


What happened to all those hours? RescueTime operates in the background, tracking which applications you use and which websites you visit, then compiling the data into a report.

Realizing how much time you waste being unproductive may be eye-opening. However, if you are aware, you may take efforts to avoid wasting too much time on particular websites.


If your entire team has difficulty focusing, Basecamp might be the solution. You may use the app to delegate projects to others, communicate efficiently with everyone, and organize all of your tools and information in one location.

There’s a lot more to it. But those are the fundamentals. No more email chains for conversing and sharing files or spending time explaining things over and again.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about this content. When you have an issue in your corporate life to take the right decision, you can get help from any of the above-said apps.

One more thing, you can also be knowledgeable about wordpress website design services besides all of these. You should not feel bad when you’re in a struggle. Or, this is if you want small additional things to focus on. These apps come intending to help you. So, use them and get the best out of them.

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