Things to Consider While Choosing a Trench Drain System


When your task includes trench drains, you have a few crucial decisions in front of you. How do you choose the right trench drain or orca drain system to suit your needs?

Below are some main things to remember when considering drainage.

Flow Rate

Since the primary task of a drainage system is to extract liquids efficiently, you’ll need to calculate the flow rate. How many drains can remove and how fast?

Other drainage systems have complicated flow rate determination formulas, with many variables to consider. But calculating the flow rate is simple with Slot Drains: look at the slot width.

The opening of the slots determines the flow rate. If your project requires another flow rate, we can customize the trough depth to increase the flow rate.

Load Capacity

How much load does it take to deal with your drainage? In lower traffic areas, the criteria for load capacity may be lower. Nevertheless, plenty of our customers find their drains needed to be able to accommodate heavy vehicles and high traffic during the working day.

Traditional drain systems require you to consider your grate material to ensure it meets your load capacity requirements. Also, with a heavy grate of steel, the grate inevitably degrades under high loads over time.

Chemical Resistance

Even though your bike safe grating drain system mainly handles water, it must still be chemical resistant. You ought to be able to regularly and adequately scrub the pipes, which ensures they can’t destroy when subjected to contaminants has washed.

With several material choices, Slot Drain meets your needs no matter what liquids your system handles. Both our Slot Drain product lines come in stainless steel to treat corrosion resistant chemicals.

Simplicity of Maintenance

While during design and installation you are usually most especially worried about your drain, don’t forget about the ongoing maintenance. When are you going to disinfect them? What pieces would need to repair over time?

Slot Drains come with special tools to facilitate the cleaning. If your drains need to be flushed frequently, we give the Flush Flo system which allows you to manually clean your drains or set a timer for daily flushing.

Because Slot Drains eliminates grates, over the life of the drain, you don’t have to worry about those replacement costs. Slot drains are built to survive the test of time and need very little regular maintenance.


You have to be careful on your trench drains. You can not have risks in the building, such as broken grates or missing gratings or running water. With Slot Drains, you can select the width of the opening slot that meets your safety needs.

Our 1/2-inch slot opening is ADA compliant, and our 1 1/4-inch opening quickly eliminates liquids, and there’s no risk of pooling liquids on the factory floor.

And you’ll never have to worry about the danger of open trenches or broken grates. Also, it’s vital to keep in mind that the temperature of the liquids the system will handle.