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Tools to Know About While Taking Up Android App Development Courses

by Althea Kling
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So, the enthusiasm about learning mobile application development has got you too? You are not alone. Many people are looking into it as a career game-changer. As mobile apps connect and engage users, the demands for them are increasing. The job of an app developer is thus thrilling and necessary to the global economy- not to mention one of the coolest jobs. If you want to become a developer, you need to know about iOS and android app development.

If you choose to be an android developer this article will provide you some basic knowledge about what you are going to deal with. It will be helpful if you take up free online courses based on restaurant mobile app development. The Android Operating system is found on most smartphones these days. It’s more frequent than iOS, so the demand for android developers is immense. The platform is open-source which means the source code of Android is browse-able. This open-source policy makes the developer ecosystem dynamic and enriching. The developers can share tips and tricks to the Android Community which would help the newbies with their projects.

Things to Learn

When you are going to learn android development, the basic thing to learn is technical skills and android app development languages. Android development can be done on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. Emulators for Androids and android devices are also needed for testing. These tools can help you with your app development studies.

1. Java & SQL

To be a successful Android developer, you need to have a very basic knowledge of Java. Java is a programming language. Think of it as human languages, for example, English. Without knowledge of the English language, we can’t read or write English. Similarly, to understand how programming works the first stage is to know the concepts of Java language. Concepts like loops, variables, control structures, etc. are needed to be known to perform programming successfully.

You will need to learn SQL to organize databases that sit deep inside the Android apps. SQL is used to express queries and to retrieve information from databases. These databases will help you understand problems, questions, and provide a solution accordingly.

2. Android SDK and Android Studio

You might have heard the phrase – the best things in life are free. The Android SDK and Android Studio both are available free of charge. Android SDK includes sample codes, software libraries, and tools that will help you build an app. Using Android Studio an app developer code and assembles their apps from packages and libraries.

3. XML

The role of XML is to describe data and programmers use them a lot. The basics of the XML will help you in UI layouts designing and parsing data feeds from the web. Android Studio lays a base for most of the XML work.


If you are interested, sites like Coursera and Udemy provide basic android app development courses for beginners for free. Learning the basics will help you understand the language and development of these apps better. If you are serious about making android development as your career, now is the time.

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