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6 Bathroom Wall Art Tips You Deserve to Know

by Althea Kling
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1. Reading Stuff

Who doesn’t love a splash of cold water on their face or running cold water all over their body when the temperature outside is giving everyone a hard time with its hotness? It’s not surprising that majority of people bath twice in summers and so this means that your bath place which is your bathroom should definitely not be boring.

Considering you spend a very relaxed time when bathing so I believe it’s the best place for some motivational and inspirational wordings in the name of bathroom wall art and decor.

Why? Because while bathing you are relaxed and the words will be absorbed best by your mind at this place and time. Thus you can put up cute quote frames on your bathroom walls and act a little different from the usual.

2. Add a Touch of Nature

It’s said that air purifying plants remove toxins from the air and so purify the air you breathe so why not hang a few small pots on your wall or place a few big pots on the floor and enjoy the pure air? Also since the bathrooms barely have any windows which means you don’t have a relaxing view of nature in your sight so to solve the issue maybe you can consider their pictures as bathroom wall art and decor. I know you would be thinking that how can pictures give you that relaxing feeling but trust me if the picture is of HD quality, then it really does give you a feel that you are seeing an actual view.

3. Mirrors Can Never Go Wrong

Mirrors are my favorite! Because they are a fit for every place so if any day you decide to remodel your house these mirrors can easily be moved from one room to another without seeming odd. They look good everywhere! Plus, if you have a small bathroom and don’t want it to look small then mirror can add extra magical space. How? Because adding mirrors would give the viewer a perception that the place is spacious due to the illusions the mirrors will show.

Cool hack right?

4. Wall Hooks Can Be Creative Too

Wall hooks are almost a mandatory thing in the bathroom like if they are not there where will you hang your towel and clothes? So make sure you don’t choose boring wall hook options like everyone because these are usually ignored by people and not given much choosing time. Be different and choose creative and beautiful wall hook options which match your bathroom surrounding like rustic wall hooks maybe? Also, you really cannot neglect wall hooks because they add extra shelving space.

5. Tiled Pattern Can Be Good Choice Too

How about thinking out of the box and using creative tiles to make a beautiful pattern on your bathroom wall? This bathroom wall art and decor will look super unique and cute too!

6. Baskets Are a Good Option Too

Baskets can also be used to light up those empty walls in your bathroom. Adding lights in these baskets would add a cuter effect.

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