What Are the Most Often Replaced Auto Parts?


1. Battery

Batteries have a specified time period. At max 3 years. When the battery starts to become weak, the performance as well starts to get affected. There’s always a huge risk of it becoming a total failure. If incase it happens when you are far away from home and in some cases with the family, then you need to carry a jump start with you. With time, the cells become weak. Things that happen to effect the battery in a negative way includes listening to music for a long time, turning on the Air conditioner and keeping the lights on. A rule of thumb is to check your battery once a week and change it after 3 years.

2. External Lights

External lights include brake, reverse and parking lights etc. These lights tend to fail more often than the headlights. Since these lights cannot be seen while driving or from the inside, it is better that they are checked on a regular basis. You can make your friend stand outside while you test the lights in order to know which ones are not working. Any bulbs that are burned or simply worn out need to be replaced. The user’s manual, which comes with the car, will instruct you better.

3. Fuses

It is highly possible that some of your vehicle’s electrical components may not be working. Chances are high that your fuses might not be working. It is very easy to locate them and replace them as well. You will have to locate the fuse box of your car and open it to find any black fuses. Blown fuses, it must be remembered, cannot be repaired, however they can be replaced.

4. Door Locks and Handles

Door locks and handles also make it to the list of the parts which often need to be replaced. As opposed to people thinking that they will never wear out. Some cars still need to be opened manually, since they are remote less entry, so the locks are prone to wear out after some time. The lock cylinder inside the door, may wear out after sometime and while it does, it will show you symptoms as well.

5. Tires

Though not as often replaced as batteries or external lights, tires do make to our list. If your tires are loosening up, it’s time to find tires dealer. With online outlets of every good dealer, you can find tires easier than you think.

6. Brake Rotors

The purpose of Brake rotors is to prevent your brakes from overheating. Therefore, with time the friction from the calipers as well as the brake pads can make the rotors less efficient. If in case they are in a bad condition, you could possibly risk break failure. The most common symptoms of failing brake rotors is the squealing and grinding noise as well as a “Pulsing” sensation. If you happen to experience and hear such things, it is better to get them replaced as soon as possible.

7. Struts and Shocks

Struts and shocks may wear out sooner than expected. Countries especially where the road network is not that well developed, chances are high that they will need to be replaced more often. With time you shall notice that the car’s suspension feels rigid and hard. You might want to get it checked before it damages other parts as well.

So, search online to find tires, batteries, lights and more car auto parts to keep your car in perfect shape.