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7 Tips On How to Influence Your Patients

by Althea Kling
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Patient satisfaction leads to the best feedback from the patient which is why it is so important to influence the patient experience. There are many ways that a hospital can influence their patients.

1. Listen and Understand the Patients

One way to influence the patients is when you listen to what they have to say. Most of the patients think their opinions don’t matter which creates an unhealthy relationship between a physician and a patient even if the doctor is trying to listen. Understanding their suffering and communicating with them is the best way to encourage positive behavior and makes up for a good experience.

2. Knowing the Patient History

To examine a patient’s disease, you must know their medical history. Not only that you must also ask the patients about their feelings and their concerns and try to resolve them as you can. Knowing their history and communicating with them has proven to produce significantly better results. Asking questions will not hurt them but will encourage them to talk. Doctors can always lend extra help by suggesting certain procedures like therapy sessions.

3. Setting Training Programs in the Waiting Room

Educating the patients on how to take care of themselves so that they don’t have to visit a clinic every often is a great way to influence them. There are many healthcare organizations who actually give training sessions to their patients while they wait for their appointment in the waiting room. Adopting this technique will allow you to have a positive effect on the patients and will promote their wellbeing.

4. Encourage Them to Take Their Medicines on Time

Medicines are an integral part of a patient’s road to curing. Influencing them in taking them in a timely manner and checking on them in this regard is sure to prove very positive. Examine them if they aren’t curing or are suffering from a side effect from medicine and quickly suggest an alternative.

5. 90/5 Rule

In the medical world, there is a rule called 90/5 rule that influences the patient experience in a healthcare organization. When there is an issue of nurses or doctors not having the time to sit and communicate with the patients, the 90/5 rule is applied to minimize this issue. It means that 90% of the work that you need is within 5 minutes of you. In other words, doctors must give the best experience to the patients as long as they have what they need to carry out their job and their job is to help and communicate with the patients.

6. Appreciate Your Team

Patient experience is influenced thanks to your staff and the team under your control. Appreciating them every once in a while will boost their morale. It will also help them in working even harder to influence patients’ experience. There are many ways to appreciate and encourage staff so don’t be shy to give them what they deserve.

7. Use the Best Medical Storage Service

If you can’t access your patients’ medical data conveniently, you should try managed IT services that include PACS cloud for medical data storage. A good name in it is power PACS cloud that you can use.

However, we encourage you to research more before choosing power cloud based PACS system or any other reliable service.

Patient satisfaction might be the end goal for most of the healthcare organizations and to influence good patient experience, you can follow the aforementioned tips.

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