9 Basement Remodeling Tips


1. Make Space for Indoor Activities

Basements are always considered as a place different from any other room in the house and this is pretty strange because basements have attracted me ever since I was a kid and I have always found them amazing! Like imagine if as a kid you had a basement wouldn’t it have been easy to hide from your mom when she’s angry at you for some reason? Also, basements are a really cool place for having good family time. How about building a swimming pool or setting a pool table or maybe a big cinema TV screen in your basement? Imagine how cool would it be to spend weekends with your friends and family at home only in your fun filled basement.

2. Attractive Staircase

Grand stair cases have always been in fashion and they look super exclusive so why not invest in a big grand staircase like the one in Mr. Gatsby’s house in the movie the great Gatsby. This grand staircase will add beauty to your outlook and will enhance your interior designer’s efforts.

3. Don’t Forget the Windows

Windows are very important! Installing windows would mean a pleasant and ventilated ambiance plus windows will make the most out of the natural daylight and so your energy cost will be saved and don’t forget light is a critical design element when it comes to basement. So don’t forget to add egress windows in your basement. These windows are also a good emergency exit in case of a fire or any other emergency.

4. Good Lighting

Since basements have low sunlight coming in through those egress windows so make sure you add more lights and make your basement bright by adding cute and stylish lights. Also, good news for all selfie lovers, good lighting would mean good quality pictures and better display pictures for your social media accounts.

5. Storage

The basement is sort of a hidden space so make sure you add proper cupboards in it to store some of the things that you don’t want to discard and can’t even keep upstairs in any room.

6. Home Office

Since basements are comparatively less noisy than any room upstairs so maybe you can use a room in your basement for a home office?  The peaceful environment will let you make the right decisions and think critically over your ongoing projects.

7. Guest Room

You can also consider making a bedroom in the basement and this you can dedicate as a guest room. This will also make sure that the guests stay away from any drama at home if there’s any while they are staying over. Plus this will also provide them with some privacy and their visit won’t even disturb your routine life.

8. Home Library

Basements can be a good place for storing those hundreds of books that you have. A large and gigantic wooden bookshelf in chestnut color would look amazing in the basement.

9. under the Stairs Storage

Under the stairs storage is a great idea maybe you can implement it in the stairs that go to your basement.

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