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Easiest Ways to Convert Your MS Office Files to PDF

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In the list of the most widely-used office suite, Microsoft Office is at the leading position. And Microsoft Office is in the top position for the tasks of word processing. Also, spreadsheet maker Excel is another popular office suite is particularly indispensable.

Issues with MS Word Suite

That’s why you need to convert MS Office documents into some other formats. In the same way, you also may need to split PDF into multiple files. For both purposes, PDF converter is the game changer for many reasons. First, let’s know some reasons why you should avoid using the MS Word format to send documents to your friends or colleagues and use tools to convert pdf to text file or vice versa.

Compatibility Issues

Its true many people use MS Office on their PCs, but many others don’t do it. It’s a big issue, particularly for mobile devices. Because of the rate of MS Office adoption is very lower than desktop computers.

Different Versions

There are different versions of MS Office suite and people use different versions of the application. It’s another issue to open and view an MS Word file into a different version. Also, the issue relates most along with the next point below.

Formatting Issues

You have MS Word in your PC and received a Word file from your colleague. But, it has no guarantee that you can open it in your system. It happens due to the different type of formats.

Why PDF Is Preferable

The most useful advantage of using PDF is that it presents documents at the exact appearance you made them. It doesn’t vary to devices, operating system, or computer. As a result, this is the ideal format for file sharing that gives you full comfort of viewing your documents to others.

It’s because the format saves your documents as raster files. It means that it renders the word files into the images instead of the text of individual characters. As a result, you find the same files in other computers with the same format as a raster file.

Making PDF from MS Office Files

You can convert MS Office files using PDF convert and you’ll find there a lot of tools for this task. They come with some more benefits than that have been described above.

These include they help you converting files with higher quality and smaller PDF documents. Also, they offer editable and secure documents that support password protection.

Making TIFF from MS Office Files

There are tools to convert MS Office files into TIFF documents that work as a print driver or virtual printer. But, the functionality of these tools as simpler as quicker. The converters work with the existing functionality of your Print command off MS Word application. Along with their simple functionality, they also have some other useful features.

These include they have control over the document’s output settings. Also, they support for custom naming and automation and able to adjust output dots that have the availability of large variation in quality. Moreover, they’re able to adjust images to their rotation, resizing, cropping, and trimming.

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