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Signs Your Car Needs Repair Under The Hood

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You obviously don’t want to hear that you need engine repair. But this is sort of unavoidable. This is bound to happen because of the rigors your car parts go through while driving. While these might sound very problematic but most problems are minor. But left unrepaired may result in big damages. The following will be a few problems that you should look out for and go to the mechanic if you face any of them.

Knocking Noise On The Engine

One of the signs of trouble brewing under the hood is the knocking noise an engine creates when there is a change in RPM. This noise usually happens because of the friction between bearings. Bearings as you already know are pretty important. These bearings help with the movement of the parts.

This makes them an integral part of the car. When there is additional friction it can increase the wearing out rate which is fatal for the engine. This might happen because of a lack of lubrication as well. Make sure you check the noise out and if you can’t seem to find the problem then consult your mechanic.

Excess Smoke From Exhaust

If you notice that there is too much smoke coming out of the exhaust then there might be a problem. You can usually identify the problem by looking at the color of the smoke. If you see a blue smoke then your lubricant is leaking and you can fix that easily.

When you see that the smoke is white, well then your coolant is leaking. This is very dangerous especially during the summer. Your engine can overheat and breakdown due to this issue. You need to take of it as soon as the problem arises.

When you see that the engine is spewing thick black smoke then the engine is burning excess fuel. Now this hampers your mileage very much. This can also lead to engine failure. Usually the problem can be easily fixed by replacing the air filters as this normally happens when the air filters are clogged or damaged.

So whenever you see these problems make sure you go to your mechanics. If you want great discounts for body parts then you can check out many online auto body parts wholesale distributors. There are plenty that often will take retail orders so check them out before ordering.

Metal in Oil

When you or your mechanic is changing your engine oil and find metal shavings then there is a problem. This means that there is excessive friction between the parts. This can lead to a host of different problems. One of the major problem is that it can cause entire engine failure and you might need to replace or rebuild the engine. This is a very expensive endeavor. So make sure you keep running regular diagnostics for niggling problems under the hood.

Check Engine Light

The most obvious thing on the list but important nonetheless is to heed the warnings of your check engine light. This light can be triggered by a host different engine issue. But these issues are often small easy and almost inexpensive to fix. But left ignored may result in major problems so it should not be ignored.

Maintaining Your Car’s Health

So here are the common factors that you should keep in your head when driving your car. These problems are very common and can be easily fixed. However, leaving them ignored is a dangerous prospect as they can extremely expensive later. If you are looking for bargains checkout auto body parts wholesale distributors online.

There are shops that offer discounts on hood covers to hood ornaments to even engine parts and they also sell to retail customers. So, find the best deal you can on the internet before buying the parts. Making sure you don’t overspend will also help you keep your diagnostics repair cost low as well.

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