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Sejda Review

by Althea Kling
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How Sejda Works?

Working as an online service, Sejda has gained popularity due to it being both simple and a user-friendly management tool. You do not need to install any software for that, you can just simply convert, merge, edit, split and delete PDF pages online in your browser. It also functions tables and mobile phones but it is a bit limited. If you do not like the online version, there is a desktop version available as well that you can download and install. Sejda has been designed to focus on the ease of use as well as accessibility.

It is a highly streamlined tool which makes sure that it stands true to its features. It is not your traditional PDF software, but it does provide certain features that would be similar to users of standard PDF solutions on the market. Sejda is fast and it is designed for speedy PDF work. It focuses on fast PDF signatures while providing you with basic editing features.

It will guide you and provide instructions along the way, so it is hard for you to mess anything up. It will work well for someone who is not fond of installing editing software and would still like their signatures on random PDFs.


  1. It helps you edit, split, merge, flatten, rotate, and delete PDF pages free online.
  2. Sejda, as already mentioned was designed keeping user-friendly experience and ease of use in mind and it stands true to all that. It is both very simple and easy to use. You can start right away with converting, splitting and merging your documents without having to have technical knowledge.
  3. Sejda works excellent even on your browser. It is essentially made for that. It does not require either accounts or registrations to use it. There is not any software to install either. If you have the desktop version, you can work offline, but otherwise the online option is available as well. In this way, it actually makes Sejda an online service more than an application.
  4. Sejda offers functionalities which are limited as compared to other PDF editors offering, but to cover it up, it also offers bates numbering, which is important and used in legal documents.
  5. Last but not the least, Sejda has covered up any gaps that have remained by it possessing the ability to function on every platform. It however has some limited capabilities on phones as well as tablets.


  1. This is the only con when it comes to Sejda but I am afraid that it is a big one. Whatever it offers and does, it does pretty well, but on the other hand, it also does not offer as much as other PDF solutions that are available online. It will allow you to edit, split and merge PDF documents but that is about it.

All in all, Sejda is a competitive online tool. For whatever it was designed keeping in mind, it provides exactly that. So it would be unfair to compare it with editing applications. It also allows you to convert your files to Word and then rotate, compress and crop etc. Then again, for what is stands, it stands up pretty well.

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