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The Way of File Sharing That You Can Use Effectively

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We are living the modern age, and technology has become a part of our life. Whatever, we need to share our various important file for various purposes. Sometimes we must share our files very quickly, as a result, we must use many trusted gateways.

Usually, our files remain on our computer drive. In addition, the file can be shared with another person via the internet. In the meantime, we have found many file-sharing systems.

For example, we can send our file phone to phone, phone to computer, via online or offline. Moreover, we can share files everywhere in the world with an internet connection. Here we are going to describe the way of sharing the file.

Types of File Sharing

In particular, we use two methods to share a file that is direct computer to computer and computer to a server. Firstly, we can share the files between two computers directly. Secondly, we upload the file to the server by using the computer.

Moreover, the server stores the file, and other people can access it. To share this file, it a required internet connection whatever it may be a public sharing option.

How to Share Individual Files and Folders

There are various sharing options over the internet.

With A File Transfer Tool

Actually, most people want an easy to share their files via the internet. For example, we can use the FTP server to share files easily. Furthermore, to use this method, we no need a user accounts and send files anywhere.

On the other hand, we share our file with ‘ShareIt’ tools. Specifically, it is an android app and it no needs the internet connection. Usually, ‘ShareIt’ creates hotspot networks within 100 meters.  And you can send a file within a few minutes.

From A Cloud Storage Service

To illustrate, a cloud service is a big idea and it has some rules of thumbs. Firstly, you need to create an account on online image storage and upload the file. Secondly, you have to share the link of the file to another person.

Finally, they can access the file and need to download it from the medical records storage. Therefore, there are several online storage cloud websites. You can use that website as your own risk but most of them are trusted.

Over A Messaging Application

There are various messaging apps to share the file. However, this is the easiest way to share Likewise, we can use facebook, email, Viber, Skype, Tango, Wechat and many more. On the contrary, you can use the website messaging system. 

Use Your Operating System

The operating system is built only for the local network. Though it has easy tools and people can transfer his file without any problem. Whatever to share a file with OS, you must need a mapped drive. 

Admin Share in Windows 10 And Windows 8

In windows 10 and 8 you can share every folder with another. Basically, in windows, you need to give access to the admin password with another.

As a result, he can access every file and folder of your computer. Moreover, you can share your screen by using sharing software.

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