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Highest Rated Interior Renovation Companies in New York in 2020

by Althea Kling
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We all know that dilapidated buildings need renovation, but even the most cared for houses need renovation, too every few years. There are people who renovate their houses just because they are tired of looking at the same interior of the house every day. No matter what your position is, if you are in need of interior renovation, you should look at these 4 companies who are some of the finest at their jobs.

Crafted Interiors

Crafted interiors are one of the elite renovation companies based in New York. They are architects, they are builders. They do interior design, full renovation, and remodeling of the home, bathroom, and kitchen, and built-in custom cabinetry. They work with their clients to create a vision and through their work, they try to achieve that vision. They put careful attention to detail which remains evident even years after they have done their jobs. They divide their work into 6 steps- Initial consultations, budget estimate, design development, obtain approvals, build, and project completion.


As an interior renovation company, Berceli has been on remodeling business since 1999. They specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling but home renovation and remodeling have always been their main goal. They are very reliable and they value their customers deeply, so much so that they are open to manage much of intricacies of your house’s renovation if you prefer. They do renovation of house (interior design and architecture), kitchen (cabinets, countertops), bathroom (tubs, sinks & faucets, vanities).

Savvy Design & Renovation

Savvy Design has been delivering superb results for both its residential and commercial customers for 10 years. They offer a full range of high-quality, reliable services, from conceptual development and interior design to construction. They know that home is the most important physical asset to a person, and it is why they dedicate their time and energy to get the best possible result in the form of house renovation and remodeling.

They are involved with the clients in every step of the process, no matter how big or small the project is. In addition to renovating houses, they also renovate kitchens and bathrooms.

FH Builders

FH Builders is another one of the best renovating companies based in NYC. They claim they are thriving in this crowded renovation market because they offer the best price which is affordable and charge no hidden or extra money. They also don’t involve any third party. They are NYC DCA licensed, fully insured, and EPA certified. Their services include renovation, painting, improvements, and handyman.


House renovation is almost always a passion project. Our houses reflect our minds, and we want it to look happy and beautiful. This is why choosing the right renovation company or commercial painting contractors to do your house’s renovation is very important. The names we mentioned in this article are very reliable and they are known for being the best at their job.

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