Tips to Overcome the Issue of Claustrophobic in an MRI


MRIs are always an annoying experience. But, if you’re with the issue like claustrophobic, it’ll be more stressful for you. As a result, you can presume how anxiety-ridden thing it could be for you.

Doctors use this machine to diagnose and identify various critical health issues. And sometimes MRIs are not avoidable because of having no other ways to do it.

It’s one of the latest and highly reliable methods of testing and finding internal health problems. Usually, physicians want to perform this test to ensure the issues they suspect or guess from the signs of the patients.

How to Prevent Claustrophobic in an MRI?

Many patients have an issue of claustrophobia. If you one of them, you’ll get some help from the doctors and the methods. In these cases, doctors preferred open MRI instead of a closed MRI.

It’s because while having claustrophobia, but still need an MRI, different coping tools are out there for you. These include facing it through therapy and using music to listen on an iPod.

Also, there are options like to use relaxation along with breathing techniques and powering through. So, if you’re with this issue and need to do an MRI, you can choose an open MRI. Knowing what does an open MRI look like will help you to eliminate or reduce the issue and do the test without any other issues.

Know About A MRI to Overcome the Issue

MRI is well known to most people, which is indeed Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is a different type of medical test for diagnosing health issues. The method uses radio waves and magnets with the help of a computer that creates images of a patient’s body inside.

The test is very common as non-invasive. It’s not just useful to diagnose health issues, it also helps to view the healing progress. There are some health issues that other tests can’t diagnose without MRI.

The issues include cancers, brain & spinal cord injuries, heart problems, blood vessel damage, organ health, joint damage, and more.

What You’ll Get If You Do an MRI?

The machines of MRI are the structures that look like a tube. They have a space in their middle along with a platform. While doing the test, you have to lay down on the platform and it’ll get into the tube.

This is one of the painless tests, which will take not more than 30 minutes. However, it needs to prepare yourself before you sit for an MRI.

As it has already said it might be an issue for you if you’re with the issue of claustrophobic. It’s because the space inside the tube is too small. But, you can overcome the issue if you choose an open MRI method.

An Open & High-Field MRI for Claustrophobic in an MRI

Patients with this issue have a better way to overcome it if they go through an open & high-field MRI. The working way of this method is the same as a closed MRI.

But, it comes with a different structure that helps the patients to survive the issue.