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What Materials Do You Need to Train Your Dog?

by Althea Kling
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To properly teach your dog, you don’t need to spend much money on dog training products. All you’ll need to educate your dog to enjoy training time is a well-fitted harness, a comfy flat-buckle collar, a durable leash, and some tempting treats. 

When dogs like their training, they pick up new skills fast, and the greatest trainers avoid making things too complicated. Spend your money on high-quality training treats rather than expensive dog training equipment. 

If you use the best dog training supplies, you and your dog will have a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Here are the top 6 supplies. 

1. A Stick for Aiming.

A target stick may be useful for teaching fundamental skills like leash walking or more advanced tricks such as spin or bow. An essential, fixed-length stick to something fancier, such as a stick with a built-in clicker or one that folds for convenient storage, are all options. 

A service spoon or wooden spoon may also be used as a target, or you can train your dog to touch and follow a hand target instead of using any equipment.

2. Book of Instructions

There are as many books as there are ways for teaching and training your dog. Find one that suits your requirements and includes easy-to-follow instructions and the philosophy behind the strategy so you can understand it and maybe alter it to suit your dog.

Dog training may be a valuable and enjoyable investment, not just for your dog but also for yourself.

3. A Well-Made Leash

Allowing your dog to enjoy the great outdoors requires a strong leash. Dogs like going on walks, and a leash enables you to walk securely behind your four-legged companion. The leash also can help you to train your dog. You can also control your dog by the leash.

Leashes are available in different types on the market, materials, and designs. The typical (and very reasonable) 6-foot nylon leash, but you may also choose a more colorful leash with some flair that complements you and your dog’s personality.

4. Long Line

A long line is a safe and straightforward option to being off-leash when your dog is ready to practice habits like long-distance stays and coming when called. Long lines also allow for more exploration during training breaks and more space for scent detecting exercises to walk out. Long lines are typically 15 to 30 feet long.

5. A Training Clicker

A clicker could certainly be classified as optional training equipment. Still, given how beneficial (and inexpensive) they are, I’d recommend picking one up and practicing with it before determining whether or not you’re a fan. Clickers are a quick and easy method to tell your dog that he’s done well.

6. Crate for Your Dog

Dog crates play an essential role in the training of a dog. Crate training is one of the simplest and fastest ways to housetrain a dog. When you cannot oversee your dog, crates enable you to confine him to a secure location. 

Your dog will decrease undesirable habits like improper chewing and other harmful activities. Your dog’s crate can make your dog happy and comfortable and can give you a good environment for him.

Final Words

If you want to begin working with your dog by using the best dog training supplies, whether with a professional dog trainer or on your own, you must–have a few items of equipment for the training to be successful. Before teaching your dog in earnest, make sure you’re prepared.

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