5 Reasons Why You Should Have Handcrafted Italian Shoes In Your Wardrobe


Today’s ever-evolving, fashionable persons seeks comfort, quality, and elegance without sacrificing the sense of taste.

Italian shoes have long been renowned for their high quality and traditional workmanship. Despite modern technology, family factories still produce the same love and devotion and are frequently hand-sewn.

So, what distinguishes handcrafted Italian leather shoes from the rest? The thing is that they made these with the most excellent attention to detail. Here are some tips on what to search for and why you should buy these elegant shoes.

#1. Search for made in Italy labels.

While many well-known companies provide high-quality footwear, many newer brands offer similar quality at cheaper costs because they use a direct-to-consumer strategy. They collaborate with small, well-established family companies in Italy that are dedicated to their job and creative approach to design.

#2. A professional work.

The good news is that today’s market is seeing an increase in the number of distinct brands. The label emphasizes the use of high-quality materials in the creation of footwear. The shoes from these companies are simple and elegant yet with a polished appearance thanks to careful details or Swarovski crystal decoration.

#3. Prioritize quality over newness.

Many handmade shoe companies follow the slow fashion philosophy of creating fewer new products. This implies that these businesses do not carry out a large-scale manufacturing run. Instead, they create annual timeless collections that emphasize high-quality workmanship over new items.

Slow fashion entails wearing things for extended periods and purchasing items that will last longer. The best quality leather shoes are intended to be timeless and long-lasting.

#4. Emphasize long-term viability.

Because Italian artisans place a premium on workmanship and elegance to guarantee client pleasure, it’s no surprise that durability is a component of their quality assurance. While a great form, fit, and feel for shoes are essential, producing limited numbers ensures quality. The outcome is a pair of shoes that is both traditional and long-lasting.

#5. Fashion with integrity.

Did you realize that a large percentage of today’s mass-produced shoes emit CO2? Shoes are responsible for a significant portion of today’s clothing-related emissions. It’s easy to overlook shoes while discussing ethical fashion.

The bulk of the materials used in handcrafted Italian sandals come from Italy, and the manufacturing method is artisanal and centred locally. Because the supply partners are located locally, the environmental effect is low. Most factories are family-owned and operated, with all generations working under the same roof under decent working conditions.

In fact, it would be difficult to find an Italian firm that does not appreciate a lengthy lunch break during which employees may relax and eat with their families.

Final Words

Staying loyal to yourself, feeling secure in your own skin, having a grin on your face, and wearing clothes that make you feel your best are all crucial aspects of great style. So, take your style even further by supporting artisans, buying ethically produced goods, and contributing positively to the environment.